Product in detail -- Cycloconverter -- Load-Commutated-Inverters

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Drives -- Powerelectronics

We supply Thyristor-Rectifiers, Cycloconverter and Load-Commutated-Inverters (LCI).

The converters are based on our Thyristor-System-Cubicle (B6C-Topology), with a optimized assembly for each application.
Regulary we supply aircooled converters, optional those can be assembled for water cooling.
We use two different sizes of Sysytem-Cubicles, 600mm and 1000mm Breite.

Module chassis:
Nominal current up to 4000A
Line voltage up to 1300V

Stack chassis:
Nominal current up to 5000A
Line voltage up to 5000V

Gate-Trigger-Units with Fibre-Optic decoupling

The controll logic and CLC-Loops of our converters and drives are hosted on devices made by Beckhoff-Automation. The trigger-set is done on a special FPGA-Logic-Device.