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Our Products:

- Cycloconverters (motor voltage level up to 3300 Volts)

Our Cycloconverter stands for:

  • Proven Thyristor technics
  • Sustainability
  • Highest overload potential
  • Small footprint (high power density)
  • Our high-speed digital controller D5 gives advanced features to the system
  • The powersection is equiped with components and reliable modules from EUPEC
  • This product is conform to IEC 61800.

This product and system is proven over years in various industries and applications!

Possible topologies are:

  • 6- puls
  • 6- puls parallel connection
  • 12-puls serial connection
  • Example of a 6-Puls converter topology is shown:


    - Load-Commutated-Inverters and Current-Source-Inverters

    (motor voltage level up to 3300 Volts)

    - Multi-Level-Inverters for Medium-Voltage